Advantages and disadvantages of charcoal barbecue grills

Until today, a large percentage of people who love to grill prefer charcoal barbecue grills over the gas types. This fact perplexes some people including those who love to grill and eat barbecue. Generally speaking, the features of gas grills are very convenient for modern man since these tools can cook fast;however, charcoal barbecue grills have certain characteristics which cannot be replaced by gas grills. As a consumer, you are entitled to know the worth of a product that you intend to buy; thus, it is practical to understand more about the pros and cons of using charcoal barbecue grills.

The advantages of using charcoal barbecue grills
Most barbecue lovers appreciate the taste of smoky meat that has been grilled in charcoal. One thing that sets apart charcoal barbecue grills is that it can be used for slow-cooking responsible for maintaining the moisture and tenderness of meat regardless if it’s fish,poultry, pork or beef. The slow cooking method takes a lot of time sometimes as much as two days; thus, such cooking process allows the fat to drip out from the meat making it a healthier choice. In short, charcoal barbecue grills present a more healthy way of processing food because the slow-heat retains the much needed nutrients in the meat while the fat drippings ensure that cholesterol intake is decreased.

Health hazards posed using charcoal barbecue grills

Global warming is a serious environmental concern and use of charcoal barbecue grills has a lot to do with it. When wood is burned, the smoke produced adds to air pollution at the same time release gases that increase the absorption of heat in the planet.

Another important concern associated with the use of charcoal grills for cooking is cancer. Grilling meat from charcoal barbecue grills can potentially produce hazardous carcinogenic compounds, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA). This happens when the fat drippings release chemicals that evaporate back to the meat and lodge into the burn parts of the meat. When food is grilled, the temperature can be very hot and smoke is emitted continuously which can lead to food poisoning. Nevertheless, even when you broil or fry meat at high temperatures this also occurs.

In the end, it is up for the consumer to decide whether charcoal barbecue grills are good for them or not.