Aromatic leg of lamb cooked in fire pit barbecue

Many people enjoy gathering around an outdoor fire pit especially when they are on the beach. What makes people feel so comfortable hovering near camp fire? First, it is the warmth that radiates from the fire especially when the weather is cold. People like being intimate with their loved ones and sharing fun. Also, holding a fire pit barbecue is one great way to a good meal because food cooked on fire acquires caramels that makes the meat tastier. The golden crust of meat roasted in fire pit barbecue looks mouth-watering. In fact, there are thousands of possible options when grilling using fire pit barbecue method. Roasting a leg of lamb is a winning choice for fire pit barbecue style. Lamb has a unique flavor that can be enhanced using herbs. Grill leg of lamb using this fire pit barbecue recipe:

Leg of lamb (bone-in approx 4-6 lbs)
Olive Oil
Thyme twigs and Rosemary (preferably with twigs)
Freshly ground black pepper
Red wine vinegar

1. Rub olive oil all over the leg of lamb. Season with freshly ground black pepper and coarse salt.
2. Heat the grill. The best approach would be indirect heat cooking by putting a pan of water to one side and charcoal on another side.
3. Place thyme branches on the grill before placing the leg of lamb. By doing so, the bed of thyme would help aid the cooking process of indirect heat. Once done, place the grill on the rack. This is exactly how a leg of lamb must cook in fire pit barbecue. Normally, the temperature should be around 350 to 425 degrees F. Later, slow cooking can be possible by reducing the heat.
4. While grilling, prepare a basting liquid made up of two tablespoons oil and 2 tbsp red wine vinegar. Add salt and pepper. Baste the whole leg using a long handled basting brush. Baste the leg every 15 minutes.
5. Slow cook for at least two hours. Add some charcoal if you want to increase the heat of fire pit barbecue.
6. When done, remove the leg from the grill and place on warm platter with cover. Allow to cool for 15 minutes then carve the leg of lamb.

Relish on the leg of lamb cooked in fire pit barbecue!