How to cook mouth-watering yet tender barbecue ribs

Everybody loves the taste of smoked barbecue ribs that’s juicy and has a flavorful aroma.Summer is the perfect time of the year for families to have a barbecue picnic on their backyard and invite friends for a meal. Over a couple of beer and some great-tasting barbecue ribs, good times would surely follow. When planning to serve yummy barbecue ribs to family and friends, you may want to be guided by the following tips:

1.Choose the right wood when cooking barbecue ribs. Every type of meat has its own flavor that goes well with a particular choice of wood.Pork barbecue ribs would attain a more smoky flavor using oak or hickory wood. The smell of pork barbecue ribs grilled using the aforementioned would be very irresistible. In case you go for beef barbecue ribs, then try hickory, oak or mesquite. For other meats like poultry or lamb, choose sweet smoke that comes from apple or cherry. Understand that the smoke flavor defines the taste so be aware of this when grilling barbecue ribs.

2.Never boil barbecue ribs. There are many cooks who think that boiling would make the meat tender, only to find out that it is a wrong decision. Boiling meat is only intended for stews and can make the barbecue ribs taste very bland. The pork juices would be lost during boiling so find other ways to make the meat tender. Instead,try roasting the meat over low heat that can effectively make it tender and maintain the flavors .

3.Remove the silver skin. This is located on the underside of the bones, it is very tough when cooked. Just use a knife to pry it and use your hands to peel off this membrane.

4.Marinate the barbecue ribs. Tasty barbecue ribs is a result of overnight marination. The time given is enough for the meat to absorb all the herbs and spices. Essentially,this is one of the super secrets in coming up with excellent barbecue ribs. The flavors that seeped in the meat would be released once it is cooked.

5.Use indirect low heat for cooking. When indirect low heat is used, burning the meat is avoided. Be patient in slow cooking the meat to get what you want- tender barbecue ribs.

Cooking tender barbecue ribs is not really that hard. Once you have mastered the art of slow cooking, the rewards will be great. .