Reviews of simple yet efficient barbecue smokers

In the past, smoking meat was a necessary process to preserve the meat for a long period without using refrigeration. At present,smoking meat is a process used for adding flavor to certain cuts of meat like bacon. When meat is placed in smokers, the meat acquires a certain smoky flavor acquired from the wood that was used. For barbecue lovers, smoking is a concern because they are keen about the flavor. Smoking generally takes hours and must use special kind of equipment. Different balanced reviews for barbecue smokers are discussed in this article so people can arrive at a sound decision. Here are some of the simple yet effective barbecue smokers to choose from:

1.Big Drum Smoker Standard 2338-1. This barbecue smoker looks very traditional but presents distinct features. However, do not be misled by its looks because it has good features that can match any electronic barbecue smokers. The BDS is a big steel drum that has fire coming from the bottom and a place on top where food can be grilled. The deep bottom allows the grease and drippings to fall and release a smoke that enhances the meat’s flavor. There is much space for grilling because it has a single 23.5 inch grate that can hold large chunks of meat. There are also plugs in the bottom that which can be used to control the fire. BDS is big, simple to use and efficient.

2. Old Smokey Electric Smoker. This is another traditional yet reliable barbecue smokers that cost $100. It is one of the few electric barbecue smokers that can produce authentic smoked flavor with good temperature control.This is an alternative for those who want an efficient barbecue smoker that saves money.The features include a good top load design and heat-resistant handles.

3. Char-Broil electric. One of the most basic electric barbecue smokers in the market. Actually, it functions more of as a water smoker because it uses a water pan that’s easy and great for beginners. The heat element produces the steam that smokes the meat. The adjustable dials can efficiently control the heat. Also,this functions as an electric grill making it very useful.

There are still many available barbecue smokers in the market but the ones aforementioned are simple yet very functional.