The various types of barbecue grills

Food preparation can be done in many ways and grilling is one of the most conventional way to cook meat. Why?People find it hard to resist eating barbecue once they have smelled the aroma of grilled meat. No matter if it’s pork, chicken, beef or lamb, the smell of grilled meat can make you hungry. Up to now, people would use the barbecue grill if they really want grilled food. In fact, there are many types of barbecue grills that a person can choose from. Apparently, each culture came up with their own barbecue grills using natural resources that they have. Basically, barbecue grills are devices that harness heat coming from below.It is but amazing to see how man could get so creative in designing barbecue grills.Read on and check the different types of barbecue grills:

1. Charcoal – Simple as it may seem, charcoal grills do have many varieties. In Japan, the charcoal barbecue grill is a Hibachi which is originally designed for heating food. Newer versions of this hibachi was fashioned as a portable type of grill. One of the crudest but versatile charcoal barbecue grills is the brazier that is composed of a wired,stand, and metal sheet. The pan holds the charcoal where a wired grid is placed on top.

2. Gas Grills. Next to the traditional charcoal barbecue grills, gas barbecue grills are definitely in demand.Without a doubt, gas barbecue grills are smokeless and hassle-free to use. Type of gas used is either liquefied petroleum gas or propane gas. A lot of barbecue grills come in a cart which already includes the gas tank and the grill. For some time now, flat top grills are fitted in gas grills because it uses indirect heat. The only problem in using gas grills is that the flame cannot be set to a very low heat which is needed in roasting meat.

3. Infrared grills. When infrared grills came out in the market, many people preferred this type other kinds of barbecue grills. To begin with, it only utilizes hot air that is perfect for keeping the meat moist. Infrared grills have heated ceramic tiles that creates indirect heat making meats more juicy because of the searing process.

There are still many types of barbecue grills available on the market. Not all barbecue grills maybe equal but they all definitely can be used for grilling.