Cookbooks 101

If you have heard of 101 Cookbooks, you probably thought it is some sort of home economics class or subject. Memories of students, wearing aprons, trying to create culinary magic so they can pass with flying colors. Usually, 101 cookbooks refer to beginner’s cooking class or a cookbook for beginners, but with the advent of the Internet, 101 cookbooks refer to a website that offers recipes and then some.

The search engine always point to a website that shows recipes of every dishes when one types in “101 cookbooks”. It is an informative site because there are even sections that give suggestions on what to do with a particular ingredient. Ingredients that are common as pea or asparagus and as complex and exotic as Quinoa, and Tempeh are discussed and used in different dishes. The dishes may be an appetizer, main course, side dish and of course, desserts. While browsing the site, one would be amazed on the number of recipes that employ such exotic ingredients and one would wonder on how can a site accumulate a large number of recipes.

The creator attribute the creation of the site through her collection of cookbooks. She realized that she is just repeating the dishes she is cooking without trying the other dishes her cookbook offers. She went over her collection and started tagging recipes that piqued her interest. She stopped reading and started cooking and her success and failures were documented so that she can learn what makes a successful dish and what is not worth her time.

101 cookbooks, according to her is all about recipes that she encounters in her day-to-day travels. Recipes that one encounters in travels, interests and of course contributions from friends and family make it to the website.

Due to the sheer volume of recipes and innovative use of ingredients a lot of beginner cooks often refer to this site. This is due to the fact that this site has been hailed as one of the best websites in the annual Webby awards. 101 cookbooks receive a lot of praise and recommendations both from print and electronic media. That is perhaps they dominate the Internet when it comes to recipes and cooking.