How to Make your Own Cookbook

If you love to cook and experiment on the kitchen, then perhaps you should try to make your own cookbook. With the advent of the Internet, there are a lot of websites that offer recipes, cluttering the desk with print outs but with articles from magazines as well. Certainly you want to organize those lovely recipes you have but you don’t have the slightest idea how to start and make your own cookbook. Here are some few tips and guidelines to help you start in making your own cookbook.

Accumulate recipes. If you have been collecting recipes for a long time then well and good. But if you haven’t you can always go through magazines and books or even the Internet. Different recipes and different dishes can be picked up on the Internet. Don’t forget to include recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Include visuals in your cookbook. By taking and putting pictures of the finished product for each recipe will make your own cookbook look very enticing. The pictures would be a guide and a source of comparison as to what the dish should look like after cooking.

You should pick a theme and make sure to design your layout. If you are patching together recipes you collected from magazines or books, it’s best to keep it simple. However if you will utilize the ones on the Internet, you could be more adventurous in your preparation. Have a uniform layout so it would be appealing to the eye. The cookbook will have a professional touch because of its organization and neatness. Also make sure that the cover matches the theme of the pages.

The recipes have to be categorized. It will be easier to find a specific recipe if it is divided in different categories like appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

After selecting and picking the recipes to be included in the cookbook, then it’s time to bind them. There are ways to bind them, from the normal office file look to a rustic feeling using ribbons and strings.

There are a lot of reasons in making your own cookbook, it can be a great gift for a loved one, or it can also be a good craft activity for the children.