A Simple Microwave Cooking Recipe

There are so many microwave cooking recipes out there. You no longer need to worry about how your dishes are going to turn out like; with good microwave cooking recipes, you can prepare a diversity of foods with confidence. These are recipes that will need the use of your microwave. It is a very simple way to prepare food and all you need is time. You need time to go through thousands of recipes of this nature. The Internet is your number one source of good recipes. Make sure to get all the ingredients needed. When you follow all direction keenly, you will have a great dish in no time.

An Example Of A Microwave Cooking Recipe

Since there are so many microwave cooking recipes, you will need to go with one you feel is appropriate. Better yet, you can sample different kinds of microwave cooking recipes from time to time. The following is a good example of a recipe that will be of interest to you. It s easy to make and will tickle the taste buds of your family. It is the perfect dish when you want to do something special easily. It is a cooking light recipe that is sure to do the job right. You might have heard about microwave Tacos and this is the recipe to go about making Tacos.

This microwave cooking recipe will have the following ingredients. You will need ground beef, chilli, powder, salt, garlic powder, pepper water, Taco shell, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped onions, chopped tomato and Taco sauce. If you do not have all the above ingredients, you can use the ones you have. However, for better results with the microwave cooking recipe, look for all the things mentioned; they are not hard to get. The first thing is to crumble the beef in a dish. The best dish to use is a casserole. You will need to cook it in a microwave for 5 minutes. Make sure that the lid is covering the dish.

You will then add all the other named ingredients apart from the lettuce, onions, cheese, Taco sauce and tomato as you stir. This microwave cooking recipe is pretty easy. Do not forget that the ground beef needs to cook on high in the microwave. After you have added the ingredients, cover it again and cook for up to 4 minutes. You will the fill the shells with a tablespoon or 2 of ground beef. The cheese, lettuce, onion, Taco sauce and tomato will be topped as desired. You can easily do this microwave cooking recipe. Quantity of ingredients will be determined by the number of people you are cooking for.