Baking Substitutes

One hobby that is loved by many and probably appreciated by all is baking. A lot of people love to bake and everyone likes being treated to baked goodies. Recipes come from all over the world and can now be easily accessed and shared online for the rest of the world to use. We have to remember though that not all the ingredients present in one location are present in all locations so some substitution has to be done.

Another point to remember is not everyone has the same lifestyle and diet and because of this, substitution also has to be done. Vegans cannot have anything with eggs or with animal meat while diabetics cannot or should not be served with baked goodies that contain so much sugar. You also have to think of allergies of the people and you have to consider them before baking anything. Using baking substitutes has been done for years, it may not taste or look 100% the same as the original but it is still the same product.

Before doing any type of baking for friends and family try to find out if anyone has allergies. Some can be allergic to peanuts while other can be lactose intolerant. You do not need to spoil the fun for everyone by baking something bland but you have to give the people with allergies other options so they can enjoy your baked goods too. You can use baking substitutes and bake by batches.

The first batch of baked goods can be done by following the full recipe and some other batches can made sans the food that some are allergic to. You can use chocolates like M&M’s instead of using nuts just to provide some chunk in the baked goodies and fresh milk can be changed to soy milk.

You also have to take the diet of some people into consideration. Diabetics have to stay away from so much sugar and some others may be watching their weight. You can either choose to use sugar substitutes like Splenda or you can just lessen the use of sugar in the recipe. Those weight watchers might also prefer if you lessened the butter in the recipes or you could make a low-fat batch just for them.

The baked goods you make should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Be sure to ask them what they want to eat and what they are allergic to if you offered to bake something for them. Friends and family will really appreciate your move to look for baking substitutes for their welfare and well being.