How to do Vegan Baking

Many people these days prefer to live alternative and healthier lifestyles. One of the biggest movements in the alternative lifestyle is vegetarianisms or veganism. Vegetarians or vegans believe and follow the philosophy that no animal should be harmed in any which way or form in order for humans to eat or survive. Vegans do not consume any food products from animals and they do not purchase clothes and shoes made from any part on an animal.

The main concern of vegetarians is the welfare and well being of the animals which is why they are against any form of animal testing and mass animal farming. One of the most common reasons for converting to vegetarianism is the ethical treatment and handling of the animals and the moral obligations that we don’t seem to follow. Some vegetarians have issues with how the animals are treated before humans consume them while some just really choose to have nothing to do with animals either in their diet or their lifestyle.

Many vegans prefer to follow this type of way of life to encourage a more humanitarian and compassionate planet Vegans know that they are far from being faultless, but they believe that they have to protect and respect animals. Vegans are not judgmental of others who do not follow their lifestyle. They try their best to impart their knowledge without being forceful of what they believe in.

A vegan diet is also called being a strict or pure vegetarian. Vegan baking is part if this diet and can be one of the most complex for non vegans to do. We all know that eggs are key to baking and making the batter stick together but since vegans do not consume eggs, they are not part of the ingredients. Eggs can be replaced by many other ingredients that are plant based and healthier and can work as well as eggs or even better. Flaxseed can be used to replace eggs by adding water to them and whipping them. Ripe bananas can also do the job of bringing the batter together. Applesauce is another secret of vegan cooking and can be used instead of eggs. There are also quite a number of egg substitute powders in the market which can best be used when making cookies.

Vegan baking, just like ordinary baking, can produce many delicious baked goods. The possibilities of vegan baking are endless just as long as you know the proper substitute to eggs. Moist chocolate cakes, soft batch cookies, breads, whatever you can think of can also be done by vegan baking.