Catering Ideas for Different Types of Events

Catering ideas for different event have a lot of variety. A lot of factors will influence your choice when coming up with the most suitable menu for a specific event. Perhaps the most influential factors are the location of the event or the type of event. Once you know what those two factors are, then it will be easier to decide whether the preparation is elaborate or low-key.

Weddings are perhaps on the top list of catering events that need to be considered. You have a choice of either a seafood buffet party or meat buffet party or even a combination of both. For seafood buffets you have choice of steamed lobster claws, crab legs, shrimp, and scallops wrapped in bacon. These items are sure hit to the guests. Combine these with regular rice or red rice, green beans, small vegetables, and coleslaw to balance with the steamed seafood

For the meat selection, you can opt for roast beef, ribs, sliced ham, turkey or chicken as an alternative. Then you can match them with choices of vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, or a nice salad bar. Rice and baked potatoes is a must in this choice of menu.

For childrenĀ“s party such as birthdays, make sure that the catering ideas you have in mind are accommodating to little fingers. Pizzas are highly recommended for kiddie parties and they can be decorated to make them look more attractive to the kids. You can also throw in the mix peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. For healthier snacks you can also put in low fat ice cream and some celery and cheese sticks in the menu.

For kiddie parties never forget to include in the menu these items: hotdog on sticks or sandwiches, ham and cheese rolls, and cupcakes and cookies. These are the just haves for any childrenĀ“s party.

For bridal showers or baby showers finger foods are the best types of foods that you can throw in on the menu. Sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms, baked or mashed potatoes, and tray filled with a variety of small fruits are recommended for the occasion. You can throw in some chocolates or mini chocolates cakes as this is what considered as the main course by a majority of people when it comes to bridal and baby showers.

Whatever type of event you have in your hands, just remember never to forget putting in desserts into your catering ideas as it will put a nice closing touch to a happy and exciting event.