Healthy Italian Cooking: Looking Beyond Pastas And Pizzas

It is not difficult understanding the tricks that can help you succeed in learning about what it takes to master healthy Italian cooking methods. The fact of the matter is that not all Italian dishes are unhealthy and there is in fact a lot more to Italian cooking than cooking boring pastas and pizzas. In fact, when it concerns healthy Italian cooking you will be pleased to learn that many of the Italian dishes contain a fair share of healthy ingredients including fresh vegetables and olive oils as well as many herbs.

Healthy Italian Cooking: A Starter Called Antipasto

These healthy ingredients play an important role in understanding that healthy Italian cooking is easier than you may have expected. You will come to learn that healthy Italian cooking starts with cooking starters such as Antipasto, which is also a meal in it. There is however no specific recipe for cooking Antipasto though this Italian dish does contain cold cuts of meat as well as cheese and salami and marinated vegetables.

Another shining example of healthy Italian cooking is the famed Italian salad that often contain low carb ingredients including olives and plenty of fresh vegetables as too green beans and onions and zucchini (fried).

Italian stews and soups are also good examples of healthy Italian cooking. In fact, these stews and soups contain good amounts of pulses and vegetables and most of these dishes also contain chickpeas as well as beans and plenty of lentils. Broccoli soup is a very good example of healthy Italian cooking and so too are basil and tomato soups.

For lunch, you should check out another example of healthy Italian cooking which is Frittata that is really an Italian style omelet which is usually accompanied with large amounts of vegetables. Tomatoes, onions and herbs as well as salami or chicken too can accompany the Frittata that is served as substitute for bread and is often considered a side dish to your salads and soups.

There are also some good examples of how Italian desserts represent healthy Italian cooking and Gelato in particular is a famed Italian dessert that is healthy and which is also able to complement a low carb diet.

When it concerns healthy cooking there are several simple tips that are worth learning about. These tips can do more than just help feed both kids as well as adults because besides filling the stomach, this kind of cooking can be taught to children at a young age so that they learn to eat healthy foods, and at the same time also become informed about the benefits of eating healthy foods.