Healthy Homemade Pizza – Nutritious and delicious

If you’re an individual who loves to eat pizza, then you should realize the high sodium content of most commercial pizzas sold. Also, some cheese and meat content maybe be excessive for those people who have dietary considerations. The only substitute then would be creating your own healthy homemade pizza.Begin with the dough.You have the choice to buy a commercially prepared dough but a healthy homemade pizza has more nutrients. Also, when you prepare your own healthy homemade pizza, you can be guaranteed that there are no preservatives and additives in the ingredients. Truth is, another advantage of home made pizza bases is that you can decide a healthier option for the flour you use since you can substitute whole wheat flour for refined flour making the entire dish healthier.

Hold back on the cheese. It’s not necessary to put so much cheese in pizza, instead, you can create layers of flavor from several ingredients, such as fresh veggies, herbs and lean meat. Try to include more herbs which can be more nutritious substitute than cheese.

Make your own pizza sauce. It is an excellent idea to use fresh tomatoes or even tomato paste. Try also making your own sun-dried tomatoes which makes it a gourmet healthy homemade pizza. Make a large batch at a time and store in the fridge. It can be stored for weeks which can be used and reused when needed.

Use fresh seasonings.Nothing beats the taste of fresh basil, oregano, thyme, and other spices for a healthy homemade pizza.

Choose the vegetables that you want to include. Pizza is a versatile dish where you can add veggies to family’s meals.Various kinds of veggies such as bell peppers, mushrooms, corn, sliced tomato,egg plant, artichokes, can make it more delicious and and definitely nutritious. You can go organic if you want the dish to be even healthier. Go for unprocessed meat.Rather than using ham or pepperoni, use chicken stir fried with a few herbs for taste.Reduce the use of preserved meats; rather use lean cuts of red meat for your pizza topping. Indeed, healthy homemade pizza can be enjoyed even by people with limited dietary intake.