Learn The Proper Way Of Cooking Turkey Legs

Cooking turkey legs is one way of creating a sumptuous turkey meal. In particular, there are smoked barbeque turkeys that are really a wonderful cooking option and one that will prove to be something that can make for a truly bountiful meal. Those people that have visited Disney World will know how delightful it is to eat turkey legs. In fact, such is the joy to be had from eating turkey legs that cooking turkey legs will then become a priority for you. Though it will take several attempts before you succeed with cooking turkey legs, once you learn that brining is the key to a great pair of well cooked turkey legs, you should be able to, after properly marinating the legs, come up with the right taste and appearance.

The Most Important Step When Cooking Turkey Legs

Brining is the most important step to cooking turkey legs. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to add some flavors to make the dish even more appetizing and for this it is only necessary that you add spices, fruit juices as well as some honey.

Another tip in regard to proper cooking turkey legs is to ensure that the skin is made crisp, which in turn requires that the skin be kept dry. To ensure properly dried skin you will need to uncover the turkey legs for a couple of hours during which time the water will evaporate from just below the skin’s surface. Remember also to dry the skin inside a refrigerator.

For smoking the legs you would do well to use cherry or apple wood because these woods ensure that the smoke is of a milder nature and they also help impart sweetness when cooking turkey legs. Also, you should disinfect as well as wash anything that makes contact with the turkey to prevent the possibility of Salmonella poisoning.

In regard to cooking turkey legs you need to first of all prepare brine marinade into which the turkey legs must be immersed. Next, remove the legs from out of the brine and wash and dry the legs. After this, you can add seasoning and olive oil to the legs and for more taste you can think about using poultry rubs.

To barbeque the turkey legs you will need a smoker which should be heated to between two hundred and thirty and two hundred and fifty degrees. Within about thirty-five minutes you should be through with cooking turkey legs.

Cooking wild turkey is fun, especially for a special occasion such as for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Wild turkeys are known to be fresh and after proper cooking will be a delight to eat. Fortunately, there is nothing much to cooking these types of turkey and anyone that has already succeeded at cooking turkey legs or turkey breasts will find it easy to create sumptuous wild turkey dishes as well.