Buy Lobsters, Live or Frozen

The best way to buy lobster is when they are alive and fresh off the boat. There are also live lobsters available in aquarium or tanks of seafood markets or groceries. If you find these places inaccessible then the alternative way is to buy frozen lobsters.

Frozen lobsters in supermarkets must be examined carefully. Chances are the lobster has passed through different suppliers since it’s been caught from its habitat. Check for discoloration, if one is not sure of the quality, the best option is not to buy it, but if you have to buy lobster, then the preferable option is to cook it right away.

If you have the opportunity to buy lobsters live and fresh, then one should be discerning as to who would have the honor of entertaining your discriminating palate. It all begins in the proper selection.

When buying lobsters, one first must examine the holding tank. Examine the tank for presence of dead lobsters, for algae and if the clarity of the water. If there’s no overcrowding and water’s clear then it’s time to select for your lobster.

Lobsters that are usually sold weighs between 1 to 3 pounds. Although the heavier the lobster means it’s meatier, there are some who prefer those fewer than two pounds because of its tenderness.

The second thing to look out for when buying lobster is to check lobster activity. An active lobster usually moves its claws. If the lobster is sluggish and seems to be moving slowly, do not worry, the tank may seem to be cold for its taste so the best thing to do is pick it up.

Be careful when picking up the lobster, make sure that you place your thumb behind the claws while your forefinger holds the body. See if the lobster’s tail would curl and flap around. Uncurl the tail and make sure it curls back when you release your hold. The lobster claws should not also be drooping. Do not buy a lobster that cannot curl back its tail and with drooping claws, chances are it has only a few moments to live.

Finally, check for hard shell versus soft shell. Hard shell means it has more meat, while soft shell lobsters are lobsters that just have molted. The most important thing to remember is soft shells are cheaper because of the space in between the shell and meat.

Now that you know the criteria for buying lobster, the next step is cooking it and enjoying it with friends and family.