Different Ways of Cooking Lobsters

Cooking lobsters does not involve rocket science, or it is not as difficult as you might think. There are a lot of ways in cooking a lobster, either by boiling, steaming, grilling, baking and even broiling.

The first way of cooking lobster is boiling. It is the simplest way; just select a pot big enough to hold water that can cover the lobsters completely. Add two tablespoons of salt for every 2 liters of water. Bring the water into a rolling boil. Put the lobsters in claws first and begin timing from the moment the water boils. Boil the lobster for 10 minutes for the first pound of weight and additional 3 minutes for every extra pound. Once cook, drain the lobster and serve it hot.

Steaming is also another way of cooking lobster. It is a great way to cook but not overcook the delicate meat of the lobster. This requires longer cooking time and the result is a tasty, succulent, juicy lobster meat. One can start the steaming process by having a steamer set up. Put a steamer insert inside a lobster pot. Pour 2 inches of water and add one tablespoon of salt. Cover the pot with the lid and boil the water. Once the water is boiling, place the lobster in the pot, cover it with a lid and start timing when the water is boiling. Steam the lobster for 14 minutes for the first pound of weight and 3 minutes for each additional pound. Once the boiling is done, drain the lobster and serve immediately.

Grilling can also do cooking lobster. In grilling, the first step is boiling it for only 5 minutes, then place it on its back. Preheat the grill between medium to high heat. While waiting for the grill to heat, use a sharp knife in cutting the lobster down the middle. Remove the black vein, the green tomalley and the sand sac which is located in the head area. Baste the lobster meat with butter place it on the grill, shell side down for 10 minutes, until it is cooked.

To broil or bake the lobster, prepare it the same way as grilling it. Place the lobster at least eight inches from the flame in a shallow fry or sauté pan, with the cut side down for 4 minutes. When the shell turns to a bright red color, turn, reapply butter and finish for another 3 minutes. Use the same method in the oven at 425 degrees.

In cooking lobsters, make sure that it is cooked thoroughly. Overcooking it will result in tougher meat, loss of flavor, and meat shrinkage. So be careful in choosing how to cook your lobsters.