Lobster Delivery

Lobsters are considered to be a delicacy all over the world. There are some countries that have easier access to lobsters while there are some who need lobster delivery to enjoy a feast. The secret to having a good lobster feast is looking for a company that can deliver immediately with a fair reimbursement policy in case the lobster dies in transit.

Lobster delivery makes a party look classy with lobsters on its fare. It is one of the best ways to purchase live lobsters for lobster delivery; the only thing to do is make a right selection. You would be able to get what type of lobsters and lobster parts directly from the moment the lobster leaves the boat and right to your doorstep. There are even cooking tips, manuals that are included with the lobster once you purchase an order.

Before, a lot of people have a hard time getting fresh lobsters, but now, acquiring it is just a matter of choosing from a number of options available. There are a lot of lobster delivery companies that can service your needs by providing the right attention for the delivery of lobsters. These companies often guarantee freshness and quick delivery but one still has to be careful in choosing these companies. It is important to check the shipping costs, though it may convenient to order from them, it may take a toll on your wallet. The least you can do is compare lobster delivery costs from at least two companies. Shipping costs can vary for each company so the best way is to compare and check different companies’ prices for shipping lobster of the same weight.

Many of the lobster delivery companies offer overnight and next day delivery of lobsters. Find out how these deliveries will be shipped. If it is shipped live, remember that the lobsters are perishable so it must be delivered the quickest way possible. Although a lot of lobster delivery companies would do everything to prevent lobsters from dying in transit, occasionally a lobster or two will perish after being delivered to the customer. Find out first what is the company policy regarding lobsters dying in transit. Will they offer a discount or reimburse you for the cost of the lobster and the shipping?

Finally, try to eat the lobster the day it arrives but if you can’t, boil it or steam it then run cold water over it and place it in the refrigerator in a sealed container. There is a shelf life to this so after the lobster delivery, it is best to eat it as soon as possible.