Lobster Season

The only time one can fish, or dive for lobster is during the lobster season. The natural tendency of lobsters living in warm temperatures has made the warmer seasons the ideal lobster season.

If one wants to dive for lobsters during the lobster season, one must note that during the beginning of the season, lobsters tend to be in shallow waters, between 10 to 40 feet. As winter storms come, lobsters go deeper around 60 feet to 100 feet to seek refuge. The frequent storms during the winter force lobster population to migrate to deeper waters because there, the effect of the storms are hardly felt. During this season, the harvesting of lobsters is the most difficult and challenging. Toward the end of the winter season, lobsters then go back to its previous habitat.

The lobster seasons are mostly year round with the exception of winter seasons. The actual dates of lobster season vary from year to year, but it is usually it’s the first Wednesday of October to the first Wednesday after the 15th of March. There are other aspects on how the lobster season starts. One aspect is the location of the fishing grounds, in warmer areas of the globe; the lobster season starts a month before spring to a month after winter, with summers as intervals. Another view depends on the type of lobsters to be harvested. New shell lobsters are abundant during July October, American lobsters during March to December, while spiny lobsters are available in great supplies all year round. Commercial lobster season however is year-round, except for some areas that are self managed zones.

Lobster season entails a lot of regulations when it comes to harvesting. There are rules like lobsters must be caught only in traps. They must always keep a log of the exact number of lobsters they catch. The inshore fishermen are limited to only 800 traps per license, and they can only fish from sunrise to sunset. Recreational lobster fishers must also abide with a maximum catch per day on a minimum length lobster. All of these restrictions are for the guarantee that lobsters won’t be overharvested.

Throughout the lobster season, it’s important to note how deep the lobsters are for better results for your recreational or commercial harvests. Also, abide the restrictions and limits that are in place to make sure that the supply of lobsters for the next lobster season is adequate for everyone.