Lobster Shipping

Lobster shipping is quite easy for a person who wants to start a lobster delivery business, or for a person who wants to have lobsters delivered live right on their doorstep. Follow these simple tips and guidelines so that a fresh, and live lobster is shipped right on the doorstep of the prospective customer.

During lobster shipping, it is important to note that there are two key things that keep lobsters alive, make sure they remain cool and moist at all times. Lobster deaths during shipping are caused by deprivation of oxygen. The key thing is to make lobsters cool because the cooler the lobster is, the less oxygen it uses. If the temperature is higher, the probability of a lobster drying out is higher because the lobster uses up a lot of oxygen. The gills on a lobster must remain moist to work and function properly. When handled properly, lobsters can live out of water for four to five days.

During lobster shipping, keeping them moist need not be submersion in water; in fact lobsters are much better off being out of water during shipment. Refrain from packing them directly on ice because melted ice can become a problem. A lobster in fresh water can swell up and burst. Do not use dry ice either because of the lobsters can suffocate from carbon dioxide.

Create the right temperature for lobster shipping. Stored lobsters at 45 to 50 degree Fahrenheit can be shipped at 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to regulate and control the temperature because too much temperature change can cause stress and eventual death for the lobster. Also, do not freeze the lobster by allowing the temperature to go down to 29 degrees Fahrenheit, the same freezing point for saltwater.

It is important to note that during lobster shipping, do not feed the lobsters. Lobsters should not be even fed two days before the shipping because a full stomach consumes more oxygen and increase the incidence of vomiting.

Finally pack the lobsters tight enough that they will not get damaged during shipping. Do not cram them close together because they might use up all the oxygen and die of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Just remember these lobster shipping advices and you can enjoy getting fresh lobsters delivered to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy the taste and flavor of lobster in your plate.