The Rare Blue Lobster

Most live American lobsters have a usual olive green or dark greenish brown color. In rare cases, lobsters come in different hues ranging from bright blue, white, yellow, black, and even, red. In fact the most unusual and rare lobsters of all are those that have the “half and half,” two colors that meet in a line straight down their backs.

The Blue lobster, also known as Atroceruleous Homarus, is a mutated species of lobster found on North America. A genetic defect that produces an excessive amount of protein are found in blue lobsters. The protein covers a small carotenoid molecule, astaxanthin, and when they’re combined together, they produce a blue complex called crystacyanin. This is what gives the lobster a blue color. About one in a million lobsters are blue.

According to some experts, that there are a lot of blue lobsters but they do not survive for a long period of time because predators find them as easy target with their bright blue shells. However, there are reports now that the blue lobster is thriving because of overfishing of cod. It’s other enemies are flounder, haddock and other lobsters.

Blue lobsters range from 10 inches to 26 inches in length and half a kilogram to four kilograms in weight, and have the capacity to reach as long as 40 inches and 20 kilograms or more. They thrive in cold water filled with rocks to cover themselves away from predators. According to some scientists, blue lobsters are more aggressive than other “normal” colored lobsters. They have adapted and changed to survive. They usually feed on fish, small crustaceans and mollusks.

The blue lobster, in its rarity, is truly a sight to see. Many professional fishermen and lobstermen have searched a lifetime just to see or capture one of Mother Nature’s gifts, some didn’t have the luck, while those have the opportunity to catch and see one, it is a sight to behold. They are left spellbound and in awe that they don’t have the heart to cook it but rather donate it to aquariums and other habitats for others to admire too.