Memories For Your Taste buds

Sine the dawn of time, chefs around the world have challenged each other, also learning new ways of preparing dishes to add to their menus. Food in general has it’s purposes besides just filling the belly. By just walking past certain places your mind can go way back to when you were a child, where you would either get a bitter taste of the green bean stew or the sweet syrupy smell of cherries for Christmas or birthday memory that could make you smile.
So you think you mastered the art of fine cooking? Not by a long shot! There is no end to any art of fine cooking. The art of fine cooking doesn’t stop when you think you know it all, as experimenting would help further and improve your great skill.

As other chefs out in the big wide world like to compete with you would eventually land up competing too, not to dominate them but to prove yourself better and more creative than they are.
You could have mastered all sorts of cooking skills from Thai cooking, French Cooking, Sushi, you name it, but cooking itself is a life long never ending skill to learn.
The Art Of Cooking Is Still A Blank Canvas
The idea of the art of fine cooking does not come on a canvas that someone has painted, it in the canvas of the mind of the chef who created it only. It for the people who have to eat the foods prepared to be the critics at the end of the day. As the saying goes:” the proof is in the pudding”. You can take that up anyway you like, but it still stays true.
Not everyone is going to like everything you prepare or appreciate the art of fine cooking, as everyone’s taste buds yearn and prefer different flavors and textures. Although most people think that food just has to be there, it has to be pleasing to the eye first, then the pleasure is transferred visually through to the taste buds, and hopefully the flavor will linger for a short while for your enjoyment.
The art of fine cooking does not only involve good ingredients, it does however also express your mood you were in when preparing the dish. Be careful, just as people can taste coffee you might have made with a bit of love in, your food also does that. People in general love food as it brings all sorts of concepts to mind, being a fond memory, a bit of comfort, good old-fashioned hearty goodness from a farm style meal, the emotions attached too can be endless.