A Glamorous Celebration with Russian New Year Food

Russian New Year is a big festival . For the, it’s a mixture of Christmas, Halloween and New Year .

Kids dress up in costumes, presents are exchanged, a New Year’s tree is decorated, Grandfather Frost (Santa) does his rounds, there’s lots of food and all-night revelry and people get drunk .

Lavish Russian New year Food is joined together with the grand celebration. Russian New Year Food is commemorated first with a bunch of appetizers and snacks, chased down by Vodka .

Pineapple has been the delicacy for Russian New Year Food that they have to fall in line to get pineapples on their table Red Caviar Canapes, Baguette which are sliced into rounds . Little softened butter with a teaspoon of caviar is often with Baguettes ` Baguettes are served with caviar-mixed softened butter.

A classic Russian Winter Salad, potato-beef salad is also included in the Russian New Year Food . Just like you’re making a stock, a piece of beef chuck is boiled. When the meat is cold, cut it into cubes and mixed it with cooked, cubed potatoes, cucumbers, pickles, green peas, parsley and a mayo-based dressing .

Sauteed mushrooms and onions are mixed and stuffed in Eggs to include in the list of Russian New Year Food. Assortments in food are prepared by Russians when they found an excuse to celebrate.

Russian New Year Food will not be whole without the presence of elaborate cakes (torts) and champagne . Home-made sparkling wine aside from preserved mushroom and champagne balance off the Russian New Year . A delicacy of tvorok-and-raison pie that is similar to cheese-cake filling is handy too.

Salads are also one that completes the Russian New Year Food. Russian salads come in two sorts: collections of pickled vegetables, or mayonnaise-based inventions resembling chicken or egg salad .

A healthy, happy, bounty feast is the way of the Russians to celebrate New Year. The Russians do really know how to celebrate the Holidays . Just as popular as their food: “Only Russians know how to greet the New Year.