Fascinating New Year Food Traditions

Families and individuals are put up with pressure, thinking of what foods to prepare for the coming New Year . In every nation, every traditions comes with every food, to every culture .

Every country is embodied with New Year Food Traditions that believe in bringing good fortunes in their households . Each of the culture from each country of the world, even how different they are in upbringing has impressive similarities over New Year Food Traditions to what they wish to have.

Tables across the world are usually adorned with Grapes from the common New Year Food Traditions . The idea of having grapes on the table is to represent each month for the upcoming year . You should consume twelve grapes at midnight one grape for each stroke of the clock . For example, March may not be a good month if you have taken a sour grape on your third piece.

New Year Food Traditions also include cooked Greens in the form of Cabbage, Collards and Kale . Economic fortunes are believed to be delivered by the gentle greens of these leaves as they resemble folded money.

In Denmark, the Kale is stewed with sugar and cinnamon, and Germans eat Cabbage . They believe in the possibility of having larger fortunes next year if they eat more greens.

Progress for upcoming year is presented by Pig in New Year Food Traditions. Different pork dishes such as pig’s feet are enjoyed in Sweden while Germans feast on roast pork and sausages . On other parts of the world like Italy and United States, pork is eaten because it symbolizes wealth and prosperity because of its rich fat content .

New Year Food Traditions in Countries like Cuba, Spain, Portugal, and Hungary have Roast Suckling Pig in their list. Fish has been the reasonable option for New Year Food Traditions.

Long before refrigeration and modern transportation, cod has been a popular feast food because it could be preserved and transported across counties . For good luck, some countries believe in keeping the fish scales in their wallet.

Cakes and anything round are also prepared together with other foods in New Year Food Traditions, from the reason that it is also believed to bring good luck upon meeting the first day of the coming year .