Nutritious Korean New Year Food

Upon commencing a new beginning, Koreans normally have memorial services for their ancestors, where they make a formal bow of respect to their elders first as a form of New Year’s greeting .

After the ceremony, they prepare Korean New Year Food in the form of kuk, or rice cake soup . For Koreans, this rice cake soup is essential for the nation’s aging because they believed that one cannot become a year older if they do not eat ttok kuk on New Year’s Day .

Simply by taking several soups would make several additions to your age.

Korean New Year food in retrospect is prepared and handled with appreciation by one and all . Korean New Year Food in the form of Korean Cookies and Ham are offered to exchange along with the relatives on the first hour of Korean New Year .

Other Korean New Year Food that they put up are tok-mandu kuk, which is rice cake soup cooked with dumplings, including chapch’ae(noodles with meat and vegetables), yakshik (sweet rice), pindaettok(mung bean pancakes), shik’e (rice punch), and sujonggwa (cinnamon flavored persimmon punch) .

To give emphasis on the belief about the somberness and cleanliness of the Koreans, Korean New Year Food tteokguk with round garaetteok or long tube-like white rice cake symbolizes purity and longevity.

The theory of having round ttok kuk Korean New Year Food is separated between bringing people wealth and representation of the sun . But in general, you will make another year of life by having it.

Before beef become widespread to Korean New Year Food, they used clear pheasant broth for the soup . After which, chicken soup has been the next then beef broth that are now usually used for the base of the soup.

Manduguk, wonton soup, to tteokguk are what other places in Korea have for their Korean New Year Food. Manduguk on the other hand, symbolizes luck in the form of wonton wraps .

Korean New Year Food’s tteokguk or manduguk it may be, Koreans believed its all for the better, healthy and long life in time for the Lunar New Year .