The Exotic Taste of Chinese New Year Food

Among the Chinese Holidays, Chinese people considered their New Year as the most important above all . Even for non-Chinese, New Year has been the only occasion from the rest that is welcomed by lavish foods on the table .

Chinese New Year Food like the holiday itself is very important to Chinese people . In line with welcoming the Festival, traditional foods are also present together with the other delicious foods of China. Dish Assortments like Chinese Dumplings, Fish, Spring Rolls, Nian Gao are in both ways delicious and eaten at this time of the year .

Fish from the Chinese New Year Food symbolizes a profitable year ahead . It is never fully eaten to ensure that the family will have an excess of good fortune through the year . To have more than what they have in the leaving year, moneys are saved to make up for the next year.

Spring rolls are also in the Chinese New Year Food because they are healthy, delicious and it can be made out of pork and vegetables . Because during Chinese New Year Celebration, there has to be Spring Rolls, this is where they got their name.

Chinese people are very particular with the foods that they prepare during Chinese New Year . Because they are known to be superstitious, they make sure that every food on the table would entail something for the coming year. Dried Bean Curd brings Happiness and Bamboo Shots and Black moss Seaweed brings Wealth.

What most Chinese people have on their table are Chinese New Year Food like Eggs which means Fertility, Egg Rolls for Wealth, Noodles and Peanuts for a long life and others .

Together with dragon foods, like Lobster, Chicken from the Chinese New Year Food entails happiness and marriage .

To have good fortune in their family and freshness of evergreen, Vegetables are prepared within the Chinese New Year Food.

To keep away from misfortunes and to maintain holistic health, New Year Foods of the Chinese are prepared without cut or served as a whole. Using chopped ingredients on the food are served before the Spring Festival to avoid the possibility of bad omens .

Some people and families believed in the practices and traditions of the Chinese Nation that they also practice the symbolism over the Chinese New Year Food put up.