The Striking Taste Of The Vietnamese New Year Food

In Vietnam, Tet Nguyen Dan, Tet for a shorter name is the chief festival to be celebrated in Vietnam . It announces the arrival spring based from the lunisolar calendar or Lunar calendar .

With being the most important holiday in their country, they show the importance of food in its celebration . For the course of the year and during Tet, foods are identified on the table.

The most essential cuisine that Vietnamese New Year Food should have and must be prepared earlier is the special rice pudding . The rice pudding is given the name of banh chung or banh tet which have main ingredients of mung beans and pork .

Vietnamese New Year Foods also have preserved sweets, beef, chicken, fish, oranges, coconuts, grapefruits and other seasonal fruits, especially watermelon . They are considered lucky because of the red color of the Watermelon’s flesh.

With respect to their culture, Vietnamese New Year Food are prepared to pay tribute to their history . From its rich form, glutinous rice or rice is the most valuable of all from the foods.

It started way back a Fairy appeared before a young prince to make his father happy . When you cook rice, you pay respect to earth.

Since then, Ancestors are revered with gifts like Banh Chung and Banh Day.

Typical dishes that would complete the Vietnamese New Year Food are varieties of Vietnamese Rice Cakes . Because they highly regard Rice Cakes that they make up assortments from a single dish .

Vietnamese New Year revolves around Banh Chung that’s why it’s simply the center of Vietnamese New Year Food.

The square Chung cake symbolizes the Earth while the round shape of the rice cake represents the sky. Because of its legend, it has been the traditional and irreplaceable most important Vietnamese New Year Food in the Lunar New Year because of its special meaning and delicious taste .