Steak Cooking Tips For That Perfect Steak

Steak is one of the most desired foods of most North Americans. Steak cooking tips vary depending on the preferences of the person cooking or grilling it. It is important to take heed of some steak cooking tips to achieve the perfect or near perfect steak. Steak cooking tips are usually centered on the degree of cooking that the steak will be exposed to as well as the kinds of ingredients are in the marinade the steak should be steeped in. The following cooking tips and tricks will help a person achieve the best grilled steak possible.

Important Steak Cooking Tips

One of the most important steak cooking tips there are is one that focuses on what to put in the marinade. While many people actually enjoy putting many different kinds of flavors in their marinade, there are also some people who prefer to keep the flavor to basic salt and pepper to be bale to experience the true flavor to the piece of steak. The most basic of all steak cooking tips is to keep the marinade simple. Too much flavor may overwhelm the meat and one may wonder what it is he or she is chewing on.

The amount of time steeping the steak in marinade can be as short as just two hours or as long as overnight. Many steak cooking tips emphasize the importance of steeping the steak in the marinade for at least two hours. Two hours may actually not be enough to enhance the meat with the desired flavors but it may as well do when there is little time. Many steak cooking tips also emphasize the importance of the thickness of the steak slice. A thick slice of steak will ensure that that the meat will be tender when it is cooked medium well. Medium well is basically the ideal way to cook steak as many steak cooking tips will show.

One other important steak cooking tip is to start off with a great piece of steak. The piece of steak that is most desirable is actually the rib eye. This cut of meat basically ensures that the flavor and texture of the meat is good even if it is a bit well done. Other cuts of meats included in steak cooking tips as ideal cuts are the tenderloin and the T-bone. The rib eye is usually tasty even without the help of marinade and can very well be eaten with just salt and pepper.