Go to an Italian Cooking School

So you love Italian food and want to know how to make it authentically. Well if this is the case, then one of the best things you can do is sign up to go to an Italian cooking school. You do not need certain grades or a ton of money to attend, and here you will be taught by cooking professionals and learn all the best tips and tricks on how to cook Italian.

From pastas and breads to the most delectable desserts, you will learn everything Italian and come out looking as though you have been cooking Italian your entire life.

Italian Cooking School Tips

When it comes to learning how to follow an Italian cooking recipe you will be taught everything that you need to know at your Italian cooking school, but to help get you started there are a few Italian cooking tips that you will want to keep in mind.

One of the best rules involves pasta, and when you are cooking any pasta you should never follow the cooking instructions. This may seem a bit strange, but it is one of the best rules that you will ever be taught for Italian cooking. Instead, you should just trust your own judgment, and taste it to determine when it is cooked.

Also, when you are cooking pasta the water should always be at a full boil before you put the water in. Lots of people put their pasta in long before the water has reached a boil, and this will result in gummy, sticky tasting pasta. You want to add extra virgin olive oil as soon as the pasta has cooked and is drained, to keep pieces from sticking together.

Another tip you will learn in Italian cooking school also involves pasta, and that is that if you are combining a sauce and pasta, always add the cooked pasta into the sauce and not the other way around because this way the last part of the cooking will be done in the sauce and the pasta will better absorb all the flavors.

Another great tip that they will teach you in Italian cooking school is to always serve wine with a meal. This is one of the oldest staples of Italian cooking, and you need to make sure that you properly pair the right wine with each meal.

You will be amazed at the wealth of information that you will be taught in Italian cooking school, and you will really love it.